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  1. YouTube ragnarök

    Anyone who's been visiting my YouTube channel (love you 56 subscribers, although I think you'll all leave by the end of the week) know that I mostly make Let's Play videos. I love the concept, it's fun to share your experience of an overlooked game with ...

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  2. What must my next phone have?

    For some reason (brand loyalty) my decision to leave the android sphere wasn't that popular with some of my friends. I get it, we've all been using it since its inception and making a wide variety of private apps together. Some agree with me but aren't going ...

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  3. The must have Android apps

    I'm planning on leaving the Android ecoscape once my current phone breaks down, or a tempting offer comes along. But until then I'm mostly content with the functionality itself. Recently flushed my Note 2 entirely and slapped on the last nightly cyanogenmod, a process that was surprisingly smooth ...

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  4. Recursion, flooding the stack

    Recursion is essential to most types of programming (imperative vs functional is an entirely other topic, maybe for another day) but it's generally not understood even by people who use it for looping every other day. In fact, the act of mentioning the stack can result in blank stares ...

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  5. Interview with Joe Dever

    Despite his success I can't help but think Dever is selling himself short, or he's just really humble. His work, and the legacy he mentions, sent ripples that have grown to tsunamis over the decades. Some developers had mentioned they were inspired by the lone wolf saga, but ...

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  6. Offline remote backups

    I've got 1.1 TB of data that I mirror and backup every single day. This is data that would cripple me, either professionally or emotionally, if lost. No, it doesn't contain the bloated dvdrip collection I made since we've found we rarely use it at all ...

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  7. Javascript, PHP, Python. Pain.

    Ever since I suffocated my dreams of being an indie game developer about a year ago and left (was chased out) to pursue other interests (ran like a yellow bellied coward) I've been dealing mostly with data analysis / content discovery. In fact, I recently stealth-launched the first site to ...

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