anders tonfeldt

Why I quit youtube

2019-09-19 08:19

No, I didn't quit youtube in protest of anything, nor did I lose interest in it. Making video content is quite rewarding, challenging and something I took great pleasure in spending an evening doing. The problem is that I’ve got 30 years of experience in electronics, I can take shortcuts that are potentially dangerous. As arrogant as it might sound; I can do that because I don’t make mistakes that matter. Not due to some superior ability, just due to experience from decades of repetition.

My tutorial videos were designed to get people interested in electronics, simple projects that I tried to make as easy as possible so that anyone could say “hey, I can do that”. I had issues striking a proper balance, designing keyboard matrices is a touch above novice level. But doing the basic projects eventually wore my patience thin. It felt more like I was pandering to an audience instead of doing what I actually wanted to spend my evenings doing.

My final livestream featured me doing my regular brand of YOLO engineering. I showed how to make a rectifier. Wasn’t planned, I just needed to power the project. It went fine, as always, literally just a five minute thing at the start of the stream. As I was going to post the archived stream it got me thinking. It isn’t my responsibility to make sure that you don’t get hurt, that’s your responsibility. That said, I shouldn’t have included something that is potentially dangerous in a video that in every other regard wasn’t. It didn’t mesh, it was a mistake, I gave it some thought and came to the conclusion that I might as well take down my videos since I just wasn’t enjoying doing them any longer.

Does that mean I’m done with videos? No. There’s a good chance I’ll return to streaming, but I’ll make videos showing how I did something, not how you can do something. There’s a distinct difference between the two, the import of which I should have realized much sooner. Got a few projects cooking, one of them might trigger the desire to get back into it. Or it might not. Thank you to the ones who asked.