anders tonfeldt

Taping torn callouses when weight lifting

2019-11-04 13:32

If you lift weights then you've got callouses. Every now and then said callouses tear off, you ought to treat this no different than a regular injury and back off. I didn't but meatheaded my way through a particular bad tear. When deadlifting a few days later the muscles below the callous tore; yes, I got a tear inside a tear. That's when I started taking it serious but since I was unwilling to completely stop lifting I had to find some way to prevent the injury from getting worse.

Gloves didn't really help since they moved under the weight of the barbell, since they were squished between the bar and my finger the tear got worse whenever they moved. After much experimentation I eventually settled on good old athletic tape (aka surgical tape). Wrapping my finger in that prevented it from bending when I closed my fist allowing the barbell to be held by my other fingers reducing the amount of pressure on the finger by quite a margin.

However, you must not simply wrap the tape 360 degress around your finger or you risk cutting off the blood supply to the tip. When you lift something heavy it will drastically increase the pressure in the tip making blood vessels pop. Instead wrap half of your finger, roughly 180 degrees around. Then apply a second strip over the part of the finger that isn't exposed. Thus creating a full 360 degree taping but allowing enough give.

I've included images of a recent taping of mine below, you can see that I still popped a blood vessel under my fingernail but I'll take that over the agony of going without tape any day of the week.