Title Maker Source When Rating Thoughts
Jack the ripple Tjuice 2014 Neutral Creamy licorice than anything else, pleasant non-sweet.
Strawberry Tjuice 2014 Neutral Sweet strawberryish, gets too thick and stuffy rather quickly.
Vamp vape Tjuice 2014 Neutral Semi-sweet, artificial coconut is quite pleasant.
Pomme pon Tjuice 2014 Not for me Vaguely apple-like, but has a gunky smell.
Forest affair Tjuice 2014 Neutral Very fresh, sweet berries. Somewhat pungent aftertaste.
Cherry choc Tjuice 2014 Recommended Dark, not bitter, not sweet. Fairly neutral, palate cleanser.
Green steam Tjuice 2014 Recommended Fresh, sweet green tea.
Melipona Tjuice 2014 Neutral Subtle, sweet vanilla. Peculiar extra, funky odor/taste.
Nougat Collinss 2014 Not for me Burned something. Fairly terrible, but at least it isn't sweet.
Energy cola Collinss 2014 Must vape Like vaping danish cuba cola soda. Silky smooth.
Mrs B Vanilla custard Wizmix 2014 Recommended Really pungent pudding at first. Grows on you, not sweet.
Texas watermelon Vermillion river 2014 Not for me Synthetic tasting. Gave me a slight allergic reaction.
Mulled wine Wizmix 2014 Not for me Perfume. Terrible. *
Cola Liqua 2014 Neutral The most pure soda-cola one so far. Can be very harsh.
Energy drink Liqua 2014 Neutral Perfumy and a touch harsh. Red bull-like.
Red energy Hangsen 2014 Neutral Does taste red bull-y, eventually turns pungent.
Peach Vermillion river 2014 Not for me Peachy, just too light and a touch of perfume. *
Colonel custard Tjuice 2014 Neutral Thick, pleasant, creamy vanilla.
Vanilla Liqua 2014 Not for me Terribly dry, non-sweet, not really vanilla tasting liquid.
Tiramisu Liqua 2014 Neutral Tastes more like dry, dairy coffee. Not bad, not great.
Strawberry Liqua 2014 Not for me Hint of strawberry, nasty aftertaste at times, dry.
Apple Liqua 2014 Not for me Same problem as pomme pon, rancid after-smell. *
Berry mix Liqua 2014 Recommended Vaguely berry-like, both sweet and sour like real berries. *
Banana Liqua 2014 Not for me Candy banana, same darn rancid after-smell.
Blueberry Liqua 2014 Not for me Candy'ish, not getting blueberry. Rancid after-smell.
Bubble gun Tjuice 2014 Neutral Proper bubble gum taste. Rancid after-smell. *
Minty the toff Tjuice 2014 Must vape Caramel toffee bred with an after eight. Cool mintyness.
Strawberry Nordic ejuice 2014 Not for me Strawberry with a side-order of rubber.
Red astaire Tjuice 2014 Recommended Licorice. Why do I like this when I hate anis and menthol?
Quintessence Tjuice 2014 Neutral Tasting marsipan and red grapes. Very pleasant, not sharp.
TY-4 Tjuice 2014 Neutral Popcorn and nuts. Pleasantly non-sweet.
Tangerine dream Tjuice 2014 Not for me Unidentifiable, perfumy taste. Made my mouth feel raw. *
High voltage Tjuice 2014 Not for me Brutally overpowering menthol. There is some cherry though.
Fruit mix Hangsen 2014 Not for me Perfumy, sharp, fruit breath pastille.
Afro dizzziac Tjuice 2014 Recommended Aniseedy, spearminty, toothpasty. Fresh but brutally strong.
Dr. Stanley Clark's Snake oil Stanley Clark 2014 Must vape Citrusy, aniseedy and freshly cool. But it does burn. *
Green ice Collinss 2014 Not for me Fruity, a bit sweet tobacco. If you like tobacco you'll love it.
Rhubarb coulis Wizmix 2014 Recommended Not too sweet, great sour note. Vaguely rhubarb-like. *
Mr Miyagi Alpha vape 2014 Neutral Unidentifiable taste, pleasant, semi-sweet. *
Zeus juice Zeus 2014 Neutral Fruity, subtle blend of flruits. Goes non-descript after a while. *
Unicorn blood Fuzion vapor 2014 Neutral Too sweet candy-fruit flavor. Massive and full flavor though.
Pina colada Hangsen 2014 Not for me Definite undertones of pina colada. Wrong emphasis.
Cloudberry jam Wizmix 2014 Not for me Not cloudberry at all. Funky, unpleasant but not sweet.
Cherry Collinss 2014 Not for me Synthetic with a distinct ethanol flavor. Not pleasant, harsh. *
Pomona's pear Zeus 2014 Neutral Tastes like pear and brandy, a bit too sweet. Gunks quickly.
Jaegerbomb Wizmix 2014 Neutral Doesn't taste like j├Ągermeister, but pleasant enough blend.
Boba's bounty Alien vapor Alien vapor 2014 Neutral Complex, enjoyable tobacco. Very thick, very dark.
Mama's cookies Adam bomb 2014 Recommended Pre-made cookie dough. Cinnamon. Not that sweet. Enjoyable. *
Ocean blue Mr juicer 2014 Must vape Melon menthol. Spot on. Fresh taste and cool exhale. *
Rainbow fizz Triphammer 2014 Recommended Fruity hard candy taste with a fizz at the end. Solid throat hit.
Aphrodite's affair Zeus 2014 Neutral Not as described. Cheap, dark port wine or sherry. Enjoyable. *
Fizzy trifle Triphammer 2014 Neutral There's fizz, there's trifle. Tasty. Much too harsh throat hit. *
Fizzy trifle 2 Triphammer 2014 Neutral Higher, fruitier note and less trifle. Less TH but still too harsh. *
Fruit pastilles Triphammer 2014 Neutral Does taste like the round fruit pastilles. Loses its flavor quickly.
Tiger's stripes Triphammer 2014 Recommended Fruity but not too sweet, custardy but not overly so. Enjoyable. *
Royal custard Triphammer 2014 Neutral It's a good, smooth custard. Nothing overly special. *
Demeter's harvest Zeus 2014 Not for me Unidentifiable, pleasant, clean taste. Just didn't like it. *
Pink custard Triphammer 2014 Neutral Light custard with raspberries. Very pleasant.
Hadouken Fuzion vapor 2014 Not for me Overpoweringly vile. But exactly as described, spot on.
Nectar Adam bomb 2014 Not for me No gum, slightly funky nectarine. Pleasant. Not overly sweet.
Narwhal blood Fuzion vapor 2014 Neutral No hint of tropical flavors but pleasant and sweet.
Miss white Adam bomb 2014 Neutral Not as described. Musky smell but clean, pleasant taste.
Butterscotch Yaeliq 2014 Neutral It's butterscotch. Spot on. Pleasant & smooth. Faint flavor.
Red hot cinnamon Yaeliq 2014 Must vape Sweet cinnamon on inhale, hot on exhale. Fireball candy.
Bazooka bubble gum Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Pleasant mix of sweet and sour bubble gum.
Saber blod Yaeliq 2014 Not for me Artificial peach, coconut and menthol. Not sure about hype.
Cola Yaeliq 2014 Not for me Absolutely vile perfume funk. Not cola. Bad batch?
Root beer float Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Tastes as advertised. Smooth. A bit toothpasty, in a good way.
The current Mr juicer 2014 Recommended Fresh, a touch minty blackcurrant. Pleasant. *
Israel coffee Yaeliq 2014 Recommended Instant coffee and cream, at best. But it's really tasty.
Red licorice Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Spot on for red licorice. But it has that darn funky after smell.
Znickers Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Nutty caramel. Snickers-y but not quite. Very dry.
Mother's milk Yaeliq 2014 Recommended McDonald's strawberry milkshake. Almost exactly. *
Saturn MiM 2014 Neutral Just a hint of berries, but refreshingly cool. Pleasant.
Mars MiM 2014 Neutral Orange like the overpowering chocolate type. A bit creamy. *
Jupiter MiM 2014 Not for me Doesn't taste like much of anything. A hint of creamyness.
Frankenvape Standard 2014 Neutral Pleasant but lacks flavor. Does not taste as described.
Grape juice Yaeliq 2014 Recommended Candy, not grape. But pleasant and thick. Tasty.
Cotton candy Yaeliq 2014 Not for me Vaguely cotton candy-like but very non-descript.
Gummi bear Yaeliq 2014 Must vape Absolutely delicious. No funky after odors, just goodness.
Absinth Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Tastes nothing like actual absinthe. But pleasant licorice/anis.
Cinnamon roll Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Buttery. Too buttery. But there is bun and cinnamon in there.
Extreme ice Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Jenka chewing gum with too much menthol. Fresh and cool.
Hawk sauce Mt Baker 2014 Must vape Semi-dry/sweet berries with the right amount of menthol. Great.
Thug juice Mt Baker 2014 Recommended A touch too much menthol and a little berries. Melon? Where?
Ecto cooler Mt Baker 2014 Must vape Tangy citrus. Well rounded and absolutely delicious.
Banana nut bread Yaeliq 2014 Neutral It's pleasant with a vague hint of banana nut bread. Very faint.
Black licorice Mt Baker 2014 Recommended Salty-sweet, black licorice. A hint of wrongness, but darn tasty.
Absinth Mt Baker 2014 Neutral Nothing like absinth. Not a hint of wormwood. Anise/licorice.
USA menthol Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Stale, nasty tobacco with some menthol on the side.
Pineapple Mt Baker 2014 Neutral Pineapple juice. Sweet and a bit tart. Lacks oomph but tasty.
Banana Mt Baker 2014 Recommended Banana with a hint of.. apple? Weird, darn tasty though.
Green apple Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Same gunky after flavor as all apple juices. Tart and juicy.
Coconut Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Thick, artificial coconut. Terrible on its own, might be mixable.
Coffee Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Instant coffee from beans roasted charcoal black.
Kiwi Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Very artificial and thick. But has hints of real kiwi.
Demon energy Mt Baker 2014 Neutral Very close to Red Bull. Has a side-serving of funkiness though.
Watermelon Mt Baker 2014 Recommended A darn fine water melon. Somewhat drop candy'ish, but tasty.
Irish cream Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Cheap irish coffee with too much alcohol. But taste is there.
Mango Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Almost overpowering, artificial mango candy. Rather vile.
Guava Mt Baker 2014 Recommended Fairly authentic, darn tasty and pleasant. Enjoyable.
Peach Mt Baker 2014 Neutral Solid peach candy. None of the nasty side-taste.
Raspberry Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Vile. Has a medicinal quality to it. Smooth though.
Vanilla Mt Baker 2014 Neutral A good, mellow vanilla. Blends fantastically with other flavors.
Blueberry muffin Mt Baker 2014 Neutral Too much muffin, too little blueberry. But pleasant.
Cinnamon bun Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Overpowering pastery, entirely too little cinnamon.
Bananut Yaeliq 2014 Not for me It's banana nut bread.. but there's something very off with it.
Pumpkin pie Yaeliq 2014 Neutral Christmas spiced pumpkin pie. Very pleasant, tasty but faint.
Dragon's breath GermanFlavours 2014 Neutral The mint is more prevalent than the fruit. Pleasant but faint.
Vanilla custard Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Custardy vanilla. Thick. Has a distinct medicinal flavor.
Monster mixxx GermanFlavours 2014 Neutral Hints of candy but mostly unidentifiable. Sharp but pleasant.
Jackpotcherry Bonkers & Bob 2014 Neutral Fake cherry like the round candy on some icecream. Pleasant.
Holidayblues Bonkers & Bob 2014 Neutral Blueberry candy at best, far from real. But pleasant and tasty.
Tahitiapple Bonkers & Bob 2014 Neutral Some faint cinnamon(?) and apples. Pleasant but non-descript.
Teddy berries Liquidvoyage 2014 Recommended A bit dry but darn fine berry mix. Pleasant and semi-sweet.
Peaches & cream Liquidvoyage 2014 Must vape Tastes like solero icecream and/or peach candy. Darn good.
Double rainbow Liquidvoyage 2014 Recommended Pleasant, enjoyable but I have no idea what I'm tasting.
RY4 Liquidvoyage 2014 Neutral Great caramel-vanilla but I'm not getting RY4 at all. *
Strawnectapear Liquidvoyage 2014 Neutral Pleasant but I'm getting lipstick flavor. Very peculiar.
Strawpeardew Liquidvoyage 2014 Recommended All flavors are spot on. Pleasant, enjoyable.
Signature Liquidvoyage 2014 Must vape Very full bodied tobacco and caramel. Spot on. Very enjoyable.
Apricots passion Liquidvoyage 2014 Recommended Good apricot, hint of perfume that eventually goes away. *
Custard Liquidvoyage 2014 Neutral A dark, flavorful custard. Nothing particularly special.
Pink custard Liquidvoyage 2014 Must vape More of a cruity, creamy icecream than custard Excellent.
Razzle dazzle Mt Baker 2014 Neutral Pleasant and there's some berries. Just very faint in general.
Jawbreaker Mt Baker 2014 Recommended Can almost guarantee you'll recognize this candy. Fresh. *
Black ice Mt Baker 2014 Recommended Menthol blackberry candy. Refreshing and icy.
Lemon drop Mt Baker 2014 Not for me There's sour lemon in here but it's not fresh and not good.
Fruity hoops Mt Baker 2014 Not for me Fruity hoops. If you say so. Sharp and unpleasant. But tangy.
Frenchcrepe Bonkers & Bob 2015 Not for me Hints of tart apple and some aniseed. No cinnamon. Rubbery.
Candycrash Bonkers & Bob 2015 Must vape Ako butter caramel. Bloody spot on. Sweet yet creamy.
Biscuiteverest Bonkers & Bob 2015 Neutral Do get roasted almonds and vanilla. You might like it more.
Solar flare Mt Baker 2015 Recommended Mentholy and citrusy. Zesty but I can't taste lemon.
Blood orange Mt Baker 2015 Not for me Hint of blood orange but only just. Overall weak and muddied.
Wild cherry Mt Baker 2015 Not for me Tasty fake cherry, but harsh even after weeks of steeping.