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Silent hill, how I'll miss you

No, this isn’t a post about the new downpour. I’ve got no intention of picking it up since it’s not coming to PC (yet, or ever).

I just played through SH: Origins and while I understand that it’s probably the least Silent Hill’y of the games (although I’d argue that Homecoming is much worse in that regard) it made me realize that I’m pretty much done with the survival horror genre.

Yes, my joy, my longing, my preciousss is finally over. Now, let me qualify this statement. I’ll still play survival horror games since there’s still tons of great games being made. But the classic Silent Hill angle is dead to me. Since Resident Evil has turned into a shooter and Alone in the dark has never really had a successful follow-up (2 and 3 stunk no matter what anyone tells me, the 2000 remake was quite enjoyable but it was a shooter).

From now on I’ll look to games like Amnesia to get my thrills. I realize most people will just shrug but this is sort of a big thing for me. The Silent Hill series has been one of the few that I truly loved to play and re-play. I’m not sure if I’ve gotten too old, if I’ve gotten too critical or if the games have just gotten too formulaic but even the classic SH1 and SH2 don’t hold the same appeal anymore. You can only fill in a crossword puzzle so many times before it becomes a tad boring.

A scene from Origins (ironic, since this is the game that made me come to this sad realization) is the perfect representation of how I felt when I played one of them for the first time. I was crawling on my hands and knees, not knowing where I was or really where I was going. I was crawling away from horrifying creatures and I knew that there was something even worse in front of me. And I loved every minute of it. I’ll truly miss those days.


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