anders tonfeldt

Pontypool (2008)

2019-09-26 06:59

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I picked up Pontypool. Stephen McHattie is one of those actors I’ve seen in tons of movies and always enjoyed his performances, yet I didn’t know his name. It might be insulting to actors but generally I define each one by a single performance, Pontypool is his.

Audio is particularly important in this movie, logical considering it takes place in a radio studio. It’s got the sort of cozy, muted ambiance you get in cramped libraries. Each word appears irrelevant, almost silly, yet they’re supremely important as it turns out.

Speech is the transmission of thoughts and concepts. We change depending on what we hear. Speech evolves. We evolve. What if we’re not the ones using speech to spread our thoughts but speech is merely using us as hosts?

This is a unique flick that you really should take the time to see. It’s a zombie movie without zombies, largely at least. Distill whatever you like about zombies, add a large splash from the cerebral juice bottle and shake. Out comes Pontypool.