anders tonfeldt


2019-09-12 10:05

Found this article clipping in the bottom of a drawer, can only thank my mother's meticulous nature for preserving it. I believe it was the paper sydsvenskan that interviewed everyone in a certain age bracket (16ish?). Distinctly remember two facts about this encounter; the interviewer smiled and my teacher in “samhällskunskap” (“knowledge about society”, in reality it’s a fancy term for indoctrinating youth with far left values) looked stricken.

I’ll translate it below but it made me reflect. I thought my views on politics had changed, that I’ve become more conservative, but in reality I think I’m exactly the same it’s just the left that has moved so far off its core values.

Can’t really think of a single topic where my views have changed, and I was an almost dogmatic socialdemocrat. Yet my views no longer align with the socialdemocratic party. They’ve changed, I haven’t. Despite this my views on politicians are identical 22 years later, which amuses me more than it should.

“It’s good that sweden gets involved abroad. The more situations that are solved peacefully the better, and it’s not a problem that we keep sending our politicians – we’ve certainly got a lot of them to go around..”