anders tonfeldt

Picking a body weight (and lucking out)
2018-02-18 16:27

After making my last post about the roller-coaster of weight gains/drops I was asked by several friends, who never realized just how dramatic the changes were, how I did it and if I've had a skin reduction operation. I have not, in fact I don't even have a problem with loose skin. It was a shrug and move on incident for me, then I was sent a link to a bloody boss on youtube and I realized just how lucky(?) I had been. Although I think it's more related to the fact that I dieted healthily and didn't just massively reduce my caloric intake in one go.

This guy has changed his life. He's gone from, as the name of his channel implies, obese to a beast. Yet his progress is marred by the excessive amounts of loose skin. The only real encounter I've had with this concept is a couple of friends who had their stomachs stapled and were literally forced to drastically reduce their caloric intake. Of course, if they had instead eaten more densely caloric foods it would have taken longer but given their skin a chance to adapt. To be clear, I don't believe the gent in the video had his stomach stapled, I'm just lumping two factors into one.

Back to me again, I'm now in the strange position of deciding what body weight I want to maintain. The obvious answer is, as much weight as possible while ensuring the majority is muscle mass. Yes, that is the long term one but for short term I have to pick a weight that I believe I can bulk up to and then maintain for the next year. I'm currently at just below 75kg and I think I'm going for 85kg. Being 186cm this should also put me firmly in the medium of normal camp so I won't look so bony.

It'll enable me to put on some more fat, ensuring I don't hit the extreme lows when it comes to fatigue and it's a generous margin to grow muscle in. Assuming I can keep the ratio at 3-7 (fat-muscle) it's close to perfect. Along with this I had to figure out what percentage body fat I want, I believe I'll try to keep it at 15-20% for the aforementioned reasons. I never want to experience having less than 10% body fat again and all the problems that came along for the ride (life when I was at 65kg was -rough-). Yet I certainly don't need more than 20%.


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