anders tonfeldt

No more whey
2018-03-01 21:45

While whey was a given no-no for the last few years it was something I greatly depended upon back in my teens. Imagine my surprise when I began imbibing it again and was struck with a plethora of issues that I can't remember ever having before.

In some bizarre way whey will spike my insulin to the point of giving me persistent and brutal brainfog. It got to a point where I could with, unnerving precision, tell exactly when an hour had passed since I took a swig due to the onset of lethargy and disorientation. It does make sense in a way, whey is mostly protein and protein can spike your insulin response. In fact, that's what you want it to do when building lean muscle mass.

Since whey was out I figured I'd try casein, like the fool that I was. My reasoning was that it was absorbed much slower so maybe it'll be fine. And it sort of was, I got at most a mild brainfog and generally felt quite good. Then the reason why I stopped dairy reared its ugly head. Adult acne. Bloody hell. Find it particularly annoying that both whey and casein are out but due to different reasons.

So how am I going to solve the enigma of protein supplementation? I won't. It dawned on me that I'm consuming between 140 and 210 grams of protein every day from food so I really don't need any supplementation. Even 140 is probably more than necessary right now but it's not that I strive to max out the amount of protein I consume, it just works out that way.

On the off days when I don't feel like eating 3000 to 4000 calories I'll stick with a protein shake based on pea and rice protein. It's a rather excellent combination since the amino acids that the pea protein lacks the rice protein is rich in, and vice versa. You do get less leucine compared to whey but it's not by much. It can also easily be remedied with a bcaa cap.


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