anders tonfeldt

No more backlog of games!
2014-08-16 22:36

Holy.. For the first time in 26 years I haven't got a backlog of bought games to play. It all started back in the C64 days when I got access to more games than I simply had time to play through, at the tender age of 6. Since then it's snowballed and gotten worse and worse, at one point I had a backlog of over 400 games.

For the last three years (years!) I've intentionally avoided watching movies or reading books. Always favouring completing games on my backlog. When I worked I watched "Let's plays" of games I wanted to consume but didn't find enjoyable enough to actually play (be it because of flawed mechanics or otherwise). Now I'm done.

I just finished "Hero of the kingdom", which is a cute RPG/adventure game designed for Hidden object and casual players. It was the very last game on my backlog. This is just.. amazing. I know nobody else will care. Most people would simply have ignored their backlog when it reached a size like this. I probably should have done that too but.. freedom! Freedom to buy and play one or maybe two games at a time. Finally.

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