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Migrating categories in Daz Studio 4

Please note that what I describe below is for migrating content categories from OSX to Windows. I have not attempted the reverse and cannot state with any accuracy if the process is identical the other way, but it should give you a head start. It’s rather peculiar that an application of Daz Studio’s quality doesn’t have this functionality built-in, but once I figured out how to do it the process was mostly painless.

  1. Do not make any modifications on your mac during this entire process. You can keep it entirely as it is and will end up with two functional installations. This is heartily recommended since it’s easy to make a mistake.

  2. Install DS4 on the windows machine. When installing make sure to manually enter the CMS (Content Management Service) database location to a directory of your choosing.

  3. Let the installation finish and then start DS4. Enter any serials you need, do whatever you wish, it doesn’t matter. Now go to the content manager and add the poser and DS runtime locations for the content you’ve copied from your mac. Make sure you do not re-organize it but keep the file hierarchy identical. When you’re done simply close DS4.

  4. Manually stop the CMS, this can be done via the start menu or by simply searching for “daz” via windows search.

  5. Navigate to the CMS database directory and delete -everything- in it.

  6. Copy the CMS database files from the mac to the windows machine.

  7. Download the Valentina studio database editor from it’s ,free but will only function for 10 minutes at a time. This will be plenty enough for our purposes.

  8. Start Valentina studio and go file-open database, navigate to your CMS directory and open Master.vdb. Switch the view by going view-as tree, or simply hit ctrl+2.

  9. Now navigate to database-master-tables-sysdatabase and update the two entries there to reflect your proper path. In my case they were;
    d:\daz 3d\database\master.vdb
    d:\daz 3d\database\ContentDB

  10. File-save the database and exit Valentina studio.

  11. Now copy the file ContentDB in the CMS directory and name the new file ContentDB.vdb. This is vitally important since Valentina studio will not be able to locate the data otherwise.

  12. Open Valentina studio again and open the database ContentDB.vdb.

  13. Navigate to databases-contentdb-tables-tblBasePath. Update all of these to reflect wherever you put your old content on your Windows machine.

  14. File-save the database and exit Valentina studio.

  15. Restart the Daz CMS. Start DS4 and marvel at your categories being intact.


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