anders tonfeldt

Leisure suit Larry 3: Passionate Patti in pursuit of pulsating pectorals

2019-10-27 08:34

After the second installment this game just feels fair. It's challenging but nothing is so obscure that you don't stand a chance, nor do you (with a single notable exception) risk locking yourself out from completing the game by missing some minute detail.

This has always been and will always be my favorite installment of LSL. I remember reading and re-reading the feelies over and over again. Not only did the brochure that came with the game give you surprisingly many games, and serve as the copy protection, it was also funny. One of the few things I truly miss with digital delivery of games.

In retro-spect I realize that I was probably yearning for living on a tropical island. I would re-play LSL3, the island section of monkey island 1 and many other adventure games. At the time I never reflected on it much but it's painfully clear at this point. Sometimes I wonder if my current dreams of not being tied down to a single place but carrying my life with me in a couple of bags and a pair of laptops originates from this very game. In a large part, mostly due to misfortune, that is what Larry Laffer does.

Anyway, outstanding game and you're depriving yourself of a singular experience if you don't take the time to play it. Thank you herr Lowe.