anders tonfeldt

Leisure suit Larry 1 - Land of the lounge lizards

2019-09-27 07:43

Having had the collection on my gog account for ages I figured I'd give Leisure Suit Larry another, possibly final, playthrough. These semi-raunchy games hold a special place in my heart along with space quest. I learned english primarily using infocom, magnetic scrolls and then the graphical adventures from Sierra. The mild yet sophomoric humor reminds me so much of my father, not just because I was amazingly happy at that age but because it was his exact brand of humor.

Just finished the first installment, Land of the lounge lizards. Opted for the VGA remake this time around since I had always played the original. That was a mistake. Either due to nostalgia for the text interface or due to poor implementation I really did not get on with it. I've heard people moan about text games being so primitive, yet a graphical interface reduces the amount of player agency, it doesn't increase it. I can't attempt to rub my dong on a table, it's just not possible. With the command interpreter I could simply type "rub dong on table". Yes, it wouldn't work and would give a quirky "nope" reply but I COULD.

The graphics are undeniably improved however, and when the graphical interface really was implemented in LSL5 it worked better. At LSL6 it was arguably just as strong. Plot-wise nothing has changed of course. Our lovable Larry Laffer is desperately trying to get laid and it's up to you to help him. There's no mobs that will chase you down, that'd be STDs and bums in this one.

If you haven't played this game you owe it to yourself, it helped lay the groundwork for an era of graphical adventure games. Just, don't use the graphical interface. Cut your teeth on the text based one and you'll be more prepared for LSL2 and (my absolute favorite of the series) LSL3.