LCHF or low carbs high fat

I've been using ketogenic diets on and off for a decade now. I feel.. better, healtier and stronger when I'm on them. But they quickly get real boring. I'm not going to go into how to do it, just ask google for more information than I could ever give you. But I'd like to address some myths and truths specifically about LCHF.


-LCHF works. Man does it work. If you've got large fat reservoirs (as in, you're chubby) you'll drop like a rock. It's almost scary how quickly it goes.

-LCHF does help with diabetes, type two in particular. Since your glucose level really never changes your body isn't triggered to screw with insuline production.

-Your mood is much more stable, gone are the days of blood sugar levels crashing after a big dinner resulting in drowsiness and mood swings. Your mood won't improve, it'll just be more stable.

-While it has nothing to do with LCHF but is entirely related to the ketogenic diet, it does actually help with epilepsy and seizures. Especially amongst children. Google it, the diet is prescribed by doctors all over the world. They don't prescribe it for weight loss but specifically to reduce the amount of seizures. Mind blown?


-Your blood pressure and cholesterol will go off the charts! You'll die man! No, both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels drastically improved when I went on LCHF the first time. As in my doctor actually asked what the heck I'd done and looked shocked when I told him. Before he was ready to start prescribing blood pressure medicine, now he saw no reason to do so.

-LCHF cures acne. It just doesn't.

-Your brain doesn't work right without sugar. I have no idea where this comes from but it's just wrong. Sugar, starch, is broken down into glucose. It's fuel. If that fuel isn't used it's stored as fat for future use. Ketons, as generated by burning fat, is fuel. It works just as well as glucose. If you're generating more ketons than you need then they won't be restored as a fat but will leave your body through your breath, sweat, etc. See the cat piss reference below.

-You'll eventually stop smelling faintly of acetone / cat piss. Nope, no matter how long you do it. But it's worth noting that this is caused by an excess of ketons, if you're generating more ketons than your body needs you can stop or minimize the smell by eating less fat.

-You'll be permanently constipated. This is actually true if you eat just meat. If you stick to the 4:1 rule of 4 parts fat per 1 part protein, and try to eat 1 protein per kilo of your ideal weight, then you'll be fine. In fact, your bowel movements will likely be much easier due to the.. lubrication(?) of your bowels by all the fat. In truth I seldom go above 2:1 but if I drop down to 1:1 or less then I'm in constipation city.

-LCHF cures all fungus infections. I've got a massively annoying one in the back of my left knee that seems to be incurable on a permanent basis. LCHF has done nothing to cure it.

-You stop farting. No, you don't. But depending on your bowels it could drastically reduce the amount of gas you produce.

-Your poop stops smelling bad! No, it's sulphur and it's still being generated.

One final thing. Let's talk vitamins. It's a common myth that you'll be desperately deprived of vitamins when you're on LCHF. In fact, you get equal to or more than on a standard diet with a few exceptions. Let's deal with them:

Vitamin C (about 1/10th). Scurvy! Alright, not quite since that would require an almost complete removal of all vitamin c. But it's related to immune response.

Vitamin E (around 1/7th). Primarily cited as a potential cause for myopathies and impared immune response.

Vitamin K (around 1/10th). The associated risk is bleeding problems. You might have read that eskimos suffer from this due to their high fat diet.

A lot of advocates for ketogenic diets sort of dismiss these vitamins. I'm not entirely sure why and I'm also really not sure why there's so much resistance to just buying vitamin supplements. I mean, sure, a lot of it will be just washed away with our urine to a watery grave. But they're so cheap! And if your body craves a vitamin then it will absorb it. To each their own but I don't mind spending the 10 cents a day to pop a pill that'll make up for these deficiencies.

There we go. Now I've finally got something to reference when people bug me about it. I'll likely update it every now and then but those should be the major points.