anders tonfeldt

Chocolate balls (keto)

2019-09-20 15:36

(1 ball from a batch of 10)
0.8g protein, 14g fat, 0.6g carbs, 138kcal

100g butter
100g coconut flakes
3g cacao
2–3tbsp strong, hot coffee (instant is fine)
2tbsp nutbutter (optional)
1tsp vanilla extract (liquid)
0.5dl erythritol

  1. Allow the butter to reach room temperature.
  2. Add flakes, cacao to butter. Add coffee and mix.
  3. Add erythritol, nutbutter and vanilla. Mix.
  4. Roll into balls and put on a plate.
  5. If balls are too soft, let them cool in fridge.
  6. Roll balls in coconut flakes for an outer coating.
  7. Store in fridge.