anders tonfeldt

Javascript's lack of control and utter smoothness
2018-01-08 15:17

While javascript bears a large part of the blame for ruining the functional interface of the web it does truly boggle my mind how simply one can implement complex, third party solutions with it. I just added disqus to this blog and it took 30 seconds of copy+pasting and changing two environmental variables. That's outstanding in every sense of the word.

Now, comments are mostly useless since you'll get one out of three types in 0.99 of the cases. Either trolling, requests/demands for help or indignent outrage. However I still figured it'd be useful since I occasionally get e-mails with questions about posts where I was unclear. If one person takes the time to e-mail me then a hundred has had the same question but just couldn't be arsed. This way they can more easily.. be arsed. And I get some help in making my posts clearer.

It does amaze me how willingly we hand over total control of aspects of our digital life to nameless corporations however. I know that all of my disqus comments will either be 1) removed 2) made unavailable or 3) gated behind a paywall eventually. One of the three will happen. It is the inevitability of SAAS and closed-source in general.

Yet in this case I'm sort of fine with it since I don't particularly care either way. As long as people can easily tell me when I'm being uncelar then they've served their purpose and our corporate overlords can do whatever they want with them after that.


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