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Is the hill not that silent?

So, I posted a sad realization a while back which stated I was done with my favorite pure survival horror series (Silent Hill). Yet observant readers of this blog mailed me questioning my statement since the majority of SH games have since popped up on my games played list. Did I speak out of turn, do I, in fact, still enjoy Silent Hill? No and no. I decided to play through the entire series one last time and then that’ll be that. While I’m still rating the first three games as recommended it’s simply because I still find them quite excellent, but I’m not enjoying them anymore.

One reader took issue with the fact that I gave SH4 a lower score than Homecoming, and I can certainly see his reasoning, but here’s mine. Homecoming isn’t a great game, but it’s not a terrible one either. The PC port is extremely buggy, almost to the point of being unusable, but once you learn the quirks most of the game will work just fine. The combat system might not be great, or Silent Hill’y, but it works. SH4 on the other hand.. it’s one gigantic inventory management, backtracking, escort quest with immortal enemies. It pretty much took everything I despise and rolled it up into a ball of pure annoyance. I don’t like it. At all. Even though I think the concept and story of SH4 is a lot more interesting than Homecoming and, even, SH3.

Having beat Homecoming I’ve only got two games left, Shattered memories and Downpour. I’m rather looking forward to Shattered Memories since I’ve never played it and I’ve heard it does a couple of interesting things with the Silent Hill concept. Downpour I won’t actually play, I’ll either watch when a mate plays it (if I can beat SM in time) or just check out a Let’s Play. The Vita only game just fills me with regret by proxy. “focusing on cooperative multiplayer action rather than traditional psychological horror.” Why would you.. why couldn’t you.. just why?!

UPDATE: Just figured I’d add that I really enjoyed shattered memories. I do understand why people object to it and I, also, found many aspects of it to be flawed (especially the repetitive and unvaried otherworld chase sequences).

But this shattered memories symbolizes what I really enjoyed about Silent Hill; it’s a journey within, not without. SH is as much a part of you, as a part of the world that you visit. I’d play more SH games like this for sure.


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