1. Offline remote backups

    I've got 1.1 TB of data that I mirror and backup every single day. This is data that would cripple me, either professionally or emotionally, if lost. No, it doesn't contain the bloated dvdrip collection I made since we've found we rarely use it at all ...

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  2. Javascript, PHP, Python. Pain.

    Ever since I suffocated my dreams of being an indie game developer about a year ago and left (was chased out) to pursue other interests (ran like a yellow bellied coward) I've been dealing mostly with data analysis / content discovery. In fact, I recently stealth-launched the first site to ...

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  3. How to migrate from Keepass2 to KeepassX

    I've got some bad news for you, if you're using Keepass2 in the new second generation kepass2 database format and you want to migrate to KeepassX in linux then you're in for a bad day.

    KeepassX has no way of importing the new generation database and Keepass2 ...

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  4. Netflix in linux with pipelight

    Despite Netflix' honest attempt to lock out anything that isn't windows or osx, and running the abomination that is silverlight, it has been running just fine in linux for quite some time. Before we had netflix-desktop which was basically a standalone version of firefox running under wine.

    These days ...

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  5. Android and brand loyalty

    There are choices out there. Whoever says there's only android and ios is, to put it frankly, wrong. However, they're entirely right that if you want the richest and most varied offering of applications then yes, those are the two you should go for. Absolutely.

    I've recently ...

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  6. Experience 112 / The experiment

    You know how you sometimes pick up a game thinking "well, that sounds a bit clever, guess it'll distract me for an hour or two" and then end up completely engrossed for days? Experience 112 (also known as The experiment) is one of those games, holy smokes is it ...

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  7. Project Aon - Lone wolf gamebooks

    I was a huge fan of what was endearingly called "gamebooks" in the 80s. It was a "choose your own adventure" form of interactive fiction where you started at page 1, read the introduction and was then immediately given a choice. It might have been as simple as "do you ...

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  8. Opt out of prism

    Time goes by, people forget or ignore the fact that everything they do online is stored, analysed and read by foreign governments. Maybe because it's too inconvenient to prevent or maybe because they think "well, I have nothing to hide, what do I care if they read my e-mail ...

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  9. Old games in wine

    Hello, my name is Anders. And I'm an old-game-aholic. A common complaint in gaming under linux is that games simply don't run there, a fact that has become incorrect in the last few years as all of my favorite games have native linux clients. But what about older ...

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