anders tonfeldt

Hand me down phones (aka tech-schmep)

How times change. For the first 25ish years of my life technology, and possibly more specifically the advancement of technology, dominated my interest. If there was a new tech being launched then I wanted to be on top of it. Performance was paradigm, functions the creed by which I adhered. I just got handed my fiance's two year old phone when I bought her a new one. And it's fine.

This would have been inconceivable in days past, in fact it's a 180 turn on how things were before smartphones. Becka would inherit whatever perfectly functional device I discarded not because I needed whatever the new hot thing was, but because I just wanted it. My disinterest in tech is hereby culminating and my reaction is one serene harmony. Maybe, just maybe, I'll start using tech and not letting it use me.

(Upon re-reading this post I was struck by how dramatic it turned out, but I really can't rephrase it any differently without downplaying my actual reaction)


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