anders tonfeldt

Disabling website notification requests (or 'why your site sucks and you suck for making it')

2019-10-29 08:02

If someone asked me to give a single metric to decide whether a website was utter trash or not it would, without a doubt, be "does it ask to send you push notifications when you just randomly visit it?". I have nothing against the notion of sending notifications, many people appreciate them. Young people that is, namely the select crowd of people who stare at you blankly when you ask them why they don't just use an rss-reader instead of allowing intrusive pop-ups.

But are sites doing that? No, they pop up that infernal "will you let me constantly harass you with notifications?" when you randomly end up on a site from a google search. "No, you utter piece of trash, I wanted to read a recipe for peanutbutter cookies. Once I've read it I'll likely never return to your site again, so why the hell would I want to allow your server to spam my browser with notifications? Go fuck yourself." - The internet

There's a variety of ways to cure yourself from the digital equivalence of herpes that web "developers" want to infect you with but the most sure fire way is to simply disable notifications entirely. In firefox you simply go to the url about:config, search for "webnotifications" and you'll find the key dom.webnotifications.enabled. Switch that to false and you'll never get bothered ever again. For chrome you go to settings, advanced, "privacy and security", site settings, notifications then hit "block all".