anders tonfeldt

Digital exile

2019-09-06 09:11

For closing in on two years now I've been in a sort of self imposed digital exile. I had things going on in my life that aren't worth delving into, nor do I particularly want to. I've also announced my return to blogging so many times, and then never followed through, that I'll leave it unsaid this time around.

Decided to stipulate a number of rules for myself this time around, no post will be longer than five paragraphs unless absolutely necessary. No post will be retransmission of information that I haven't taken an active part in modifying. No social media of any kind, with the exception of photo blogging (is it even called that anymore?).

That said, for the 200ish that are still hitting my rss-feed, I'll be mostly posting about philosophies, consumption, electronics and code. Just about all other areas have lost my interest.

A large part of why I opted to exile myself in the first place is that I tried so very hard to keep up interests that I just didn't have anymore. This time I've purged my blog instead. It is what it is and will be what it never was except partly.