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  1. YouTube ragnarök

    Anyone who's been visiting my YouTube channel (love you 56 subscribers, although I think you'll all leave by the end of the week) know that I mostly make Let's Play videos. I love the concept, it's fun to share your experience of an overlooked game with ...

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  2. What must my next phone have?

    For some reason (brand loyalty) my decision to leave the android sphere wasn't that popular with some of my friends. I get it, we've all been using it since its inception and making a wide variety of private apps together. Some agree with me but aren't going ...

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  3. The must have Android apps

    I'm planning on leaving the Android ecoscape once my current phone breaks down, or a tempting offer comes along. But until then I'm mostly content with the functionality itself. Recently flushed my Note 2 entirely and slapped on the last nightly cyanogenmod, a process that was surprisingly smooth ...

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  4. Android and brand loyalty

    There are choices out there. Whoever says there's only android and ios is, to put it frankly, wrong. However, they're entirely right that if you want the richest and most varied offering of applications then yes, those are the two you should go for. Absolutely.

    I've recently ...

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  5. We need to build computers for the masses, not the classes

    Jack Tramiel (Polish: Jacek Trzmiel, Trzmiel means bumblebee) (December 13, 1928 – April 8, 2012) was an Polish-born American businessman, best known for founding Commodore International,[3] the manufacturer of the Commodore PET, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Amiga, and other Commodore models of home computers.

    Rest in peace. Your devices ...

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  6. Rest in peace, GeoCities

    You were a right bastard at times, but you were our bastard. Bloated and littered with garbage like an overflowing trashcan, but with enough pearls and original ideas to keep anyone coming back from time to time. You stood with us through thick and thin. Your name will be remembered ...

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