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  1. Interview with Joe Dever

    Despite his success I can't help but think Dever is selling himself short, or he's just really humble. His work, and the legacy he mentions, sent ripples that have grown to tsunamis over the decades. Some developers had mentioned they were inspired by the lone wolf saga, but ...

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  2. Experience 112 / The experiment

    You know how you sometimes pick up a game thinking "well, that sounds a bit clever, guess it'll distract me for an hour or two" and then end up completely engrossed for days? Experience 112 (also known as The experiment) is one of those games, holy smokes is it ...

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  3. Project Aon - Lone wolf gamebooks

    I was a huge fan of what was endearingly called "gamebooks" in the 80s. It was a "choose your own adventure" form of interactive fiction where you started at page 1, read the introduction and was then immediately given a choice. It might have been as simple as "do you ...

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  4. Is the hill not that silent?

    So, I posted a sad realization a while back which stated I was done with my favorite pure survival horror series (Silent Hill). Yet observant readers of this blog mailed me questioning my statement since the majority of SH games have since popped up on my games played list. Did ...

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