anders tonfeldt

Atari rebooting Alone in the dark
2014-08-22 13:12

Alone in the dark is the origin of the tank-controlled, horror survival genre that Resident Evil and Silent hill later made truly popular. I loved the first AITD. Absolutely loved it. It was my first exposure to the genre that sparked a lifelong passion. But.. I hated the other two games. It went from an eerie and utterly bizarre, lovecraftian mansion to.. pirates and zombie cowboys? Terrible. Dreadful even. Kind of like the movie adaptions.

The series has already been rebooted once with the 2008 re-imagining. For some reason it was pretty much universally disliked. I was never quite sure why, it had horror, you were alone and you were in the dark. But it was open-world'ish and sandbox'y. Two terms that do not mix well with us survival horror junkies.

I'm looking forward to the (re-)reboot. Sort of doubt it'll arrive for linux so I'll probably have to watch a let's play for it. Maybe not though, dead island was just ported for linux with almost no fanfare at all. A back-catalogue title being ported out of the blue? Good times folks, good times.


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