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Greetings. My name is Anders Tonfeldt. I was born in 1981 in Sweden. Wait, don't close the tab just yet, despite what you might have heard we're not all politically correct marxists that major in identity politics.


You're likely here because you've come from my youtube channel where I do a mish mash of electronics, leatherworking and general hacks in the form of livestreams. It's a challenging hobby that continually challenges my limited expertise in the fields of video and audio. If you haven't seen my channel yet, click the youtube link above. I try to strike a balance of partially educational (although I prefer the term infotainment, since it does contain information but it's meant as entertainment) and fun to do videos.


My first interaction with technology came in the form of an abc-80 at the age of 5 and it was all downhill from there. I raged until I got my own C64 at the age of 6, an amiga 500 at the age of 10 and a flurry of uninteresting PCs during my teens. If I had to pick a point where my interest in computers peaked it was when I designed my first cluster of 486s.

Along those lines my programming history was the usual. Basic, C, m68k and then x86 assembly. At some point I calculated that I was fluent in 23 languages (programming, that is, I can barely speak two human languages). Age and massive disillusionment with the way technology is proceeding has made me reject all but three (C, assembly and python to be specific).


Along with being my first programming instructor my grandfather also kindled an interest in leatherworking. It was something I really enjoyed but just had no time for during the 80s and 90s since there was just so much to learn technology wise. As I grew older and wiser I began realizing that technology was really taking us backwards as it pushed forwards. For every new invention we end up more isolated, lazier and ultimately less productive.

Pawing at a "smart" phone with my jaw hanging slack as endless feeds of pictures of what people ate today just isn't particularly stimulating. So I began to look inward and figure out, what used to make me happy? As if yelling at me from beyond my grandfather's teachings came to mind so I'm continually attempting to perfect the craft of leatherworking. Truth be told, I'm not that great at it but it is really stimulating.


Honestly I'm a fairly vanilla person when it comes to my personal life. I'm a voracious consumer of horror and science fiction. I enjoy gaming, particularly interactive fiction (think zork, not call of duty). As I write this my fiance and myself celebrated our 17th anniversary just yesterday. We have two cats. Other than that I enjoy resistance training. As I said, vanilla.


My e-mail address is my first name @ my last name dot se. If you can't figure out my address from that then I probably don't want you to e-mail me in the first place. Take it as a hint and move on. I do not use any instant messaging services, nor do I use facebook, twitter or any of that other nonsense.

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